Custom Tattoo Studio -Durban Kloof

tattoo studio durban

Custom tattoo studio durban – Kloof

custom tattoo studio

custom tattoo studio

The Tattoo studio -Durban Kloof

We are a friendly professional studio and cater for all.

We dont judge our customers just provide a professional friendly service Contact U Now


Tattoos by appointment Only

We do everything you could ask For but here is a short list

Tattoo Services

  • Custom Tattoos – We will design a unique tattoo for you, you just have to ask. We are happy to do tattoos you have designed or designs off your phone or the internet just bring them in.
  • All Tattoo styles welcome, We are happy to do any tattoo from 3D, photo realism, portraits, modern art, trash Polka, tattoo flash, traditional Flash or even Tribal
  • We are happy to to do all different fonts and any languages, just bring them in, we do Latin, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Hebrew even elvish
  • Tattoo Standards – We offer any tattoo done with traditional coil tattoo machines or the latest world leading Rotary technology silent tattoo machines
  • Sterilization – Though all our equipment is steam sterilized to industry standards but if you are worried ask for the cartridge system, its all new with every customer.
  • We give all our customers full instructions how to look after their tattoo

Body Piercing

  • Piercings – Though we specialize in the big five( Belly, Tongue, Eyebrow, labret, nose) we also offer many others such as nipple , clitoris hood, PA and others
  • We sterilize our piercing jewelry with Alcohol, and steam sterilize all our equipment
  • We give all our customers full instructions how to look after their body piercing

Tattoo Training

We host tattoo training by Skinart tattoo Training academy visit their site for more info or come in and chat to our artists.


This is the view of our shop from the street so you will find us in umhlanga village  -Durban

umhlanga tattoos durban

We are opposite the most famous bars in umhlanga called the George

The shop is bright and vibrant like our tattoos

New Tattoo Shop Design- Umhlanga Tattoos Shop 2 Chartwell Centre, ChartwellDrive, Umhlanga rocks Durban kzn

We specialize in all types of tattoos but our favorite is realistic and portraits.


here is a small video of the inside of the shop so you can get an idea of our small friendly studio

We offer all types of piercings as well as hold a large selection of jewelry

Tattoo Trend

You never imagine that old people are hot for the idea of tattoo in the past time,let alone the famous . Recently, David Dimbleby tattooed an image on his shoulder. Honestly speaking, fifty years from now, the sight of an old man with a tattoo will be no novelty.

The 75-year-old TV presenter, who’s revealed he got his shoulder decorated with a scorpion as part of a new series on Britain’s maritime history, is about to start a new trend for body art among senior citizens. Moreover, the older people of the future will be the tattoo generation. That’s because tomorrow’s old are today’s young – and they are already covered in ink.

Scan a British pub or restaurant on a warm evening and the evidence is all around you. Not just discreet drawings on one shoulder, Dimbleby-style, or tiny marks on a foot, like Samantha Cameron’s barely-there dolphin, but whole arms and legs covered with symbols, portraits or Maori-style lines. On the pitch, it’s the footballer whose skin remains a blank canvas that is the exception.

In 2013 it’s a look we still associate with youth. It may be ubiquitous but it still carries just the faintest hint of rebellion (though one that will soon, surely, be extinguished: it’s hard to regard as rebellious an act that’s been performed by the man who, after the Queen, is the face and voice of the British establishment).

In the future, the spider on the neck or the angel wings on the back will be associated with grandparents. Words on the body, etched in curly script, will be seen most often on wrinkled or sagging skin. The inked “sleeve” will be as identifiable a mark of old age as the walking stick is now. By then, you’d guess that the association with older people will have killed off the tattoo among the young once and for all. (Investment tip: buy shares in tattoo removal businesses – they’ll be big in the 2050s).

For now, though, the veteran broadcaster has struck a blow for the country’s senior citizens. Rather brilliantly, he explained his action by saying, “You are only old once,” recasting one’s later years as a time for fulfilling, rather than giving up on, long-held dreams. It turns out he had always wanted to have a tattoo done and he thought he might as well do it now. Good for him.

In the process he will have angered one group especially: parents of teenage children. The staple argument of the mother or father confronted with a child desperate to get inked has been, “You may like it now but imagine how it will look when you’re old.” Now David Dimbleby, the very embodiment of British respectability, has offered himself as a demonstration. And the sting in the tail is, it looks pretty good.